A VIP room is a special lapdance room. At Sunset Strip, when one pays for a lap dance, he immediately becomes a VIP.

VIP Theme Rooms:

The Dungeon: Realistic rock walls. Mirrors.

The Jail Cell: Concrete looking walls with bars.

The Alley (2 of these rooms): Brick walls, old windows with a mirrored ceiling.

The Sci-Fi Fantasy Lounge: Black lights illuminate stars on the ceiling and walls, with hanging Planets of the solar system. Mirrors on all four walls and ceiling it gives you the idea of being in outer space.

The "57 Chevy" room: Remember the days of the back seat of your car, here's your chance to again. Steamed up windows, door panels, hanging dice, etc. Window cranks and all....

The relaxing Dream Room: Soft lights, silk draperies with mirrors on the ceiling and walls. Relaxing soft couch.


At Sunset Strip, Customer Satisfaction is our goal

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